[Erie County Charter Revision Commission]

Committee Assignments

Administration and Legislature

James L. Magavern, Chair
John Maggiore, Vice-Chair
David Comerford
Christopher Duquin
Michael Risman

Fiscal Affairs

Christopher Duquin, Chair
John Maggiore
Peter Reese
Cynthia A. Schwartz
C. Michael Zabel

Form and Scope of Government

Edward Rath III, Chair
William Greiner, Vice-Chair
Grant Hamilton
Gerald E. Kelly

Human Services, Education, Recreation and Culture

Donna Rice, Chair
Ronald Smith, Vice-Chair
Jeanne Chase Ebersole
Joan Lillis

Public Safety

Michael Flaherty, Jr., Chair
Gerald DePasquale, Vice-Chair
Louis Dudek
David Kelly
Michael Newman

Chairman Arthur serves as an ex-officio member of all committees.